This blog set out the final published itinerary for the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) study tour to northern England in October 2010. The UK programme was organised by Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with Atoll for Fonds BKVB. Check out the 5-day itinerary by clicking on the page links above.

Day 2 Manchester

Sunday 10th October

Please Note: The full day is planned to involve a series of short-to-medium city walks interspersed with coach rides and breaks in-between - and so delegates are advised to bring along on-the-day, suitable waterproofs, as well as comfortable walking shoes.

Theme: Social Connectivity: How can you administer a counter-culture?

In advance of 28th November which is celebrated as Friedrich Engels Day in Manchester, today's theme curated by Phil Griffin, explores the mutual dependence and legacy of creative governance, free trade and cultural catalysts in a traditionally irreverent Manchester. Following his arrival in Manchester in 1842, Engels documented the social and political atmosphere in the city in his first book: The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844. 

By way of example: In 2006 Marketing Manchester hired Peter Saville, the iconic designer of Factory Records. The development of his Original Modern concept for Manchester connected the despite-it-all DIY music scene of Manchester in late 1970s with the cities industrial (modern) past in several ways - not least in the access of a generation to administrative power using the 'counter-culture' of youth to evoke excitement today. 

City Guide: Phil Griffin - Writer, Broadcaster and Curator 

09.45 Briefing - Assemble in hotel lobby after breakfast for a brief introduction and outline to the UK tour itinerary. 

10.00 - 11.00 Coach Tour - Pick up for escorted city tour with introduction by Phil Griffin, including how the individual projects highlighted fit into the narrative created by a city trying to reinvent itself. Phil's tour begins with a visit through Trafford to Salford Quays to glimpse Old Trafford, the Manchester Ship Canal, Imperial War Museum North, The Lowry and Media City UK en route; then driving back through Salford and Manchester via Urban Splash's Chimney Pot Park to Sports City and Eastlands; before ending the coach tour at the Millennium Community of New Islington in Ancoats to meet Urban Splash.

11.00 - 12.00 New Islington Short escorted tour led by Urban Splash's Manchester Director of Regeneration Richard Hattan of the New Islington masterplan for Ancoat's old Cardroom Estate - part of the UK Millennium Community Programme. The tour is likely to include FAT's Islington Square housing, as well as the Chips and Tutti Frutti projects.

12.30 - 13.00 Private View CUBE gallery - Sancho Plan and Full Circle Arts in association with AND Festival
Short coach drive to Manchester's Centre for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE) for a private viewing with the exhibition curators of the final day of an interactive audio-visual installation combining animation, sound and interactive technology. The exhibits place the audience at the heart of various fantastical worlds, allowing people to control characters and sound-scapes through a series of electronic devices. The installation was produced by young people who worked together as part of a a collaboration project between the Cornerhouse LiveWire programme, Full Circle Arts and artist collective, The Sancho Plan. Funded by Mediabox, the project was led by a team of talented young creative producers working with disabled young people and young refugees from the Northwest. Interact is a showcase for the talents and creative energies of young people and demonstrates practical and technical skills in computers, gaming and social interaction.

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch - Short stroll next door for buffet lunch with invited guests at Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA). Welcome by Dave Carter , Head of Manchester Digital Development Agency.

14.00 - 15.00 Quick Fire Discussion - MDDA lecture room for a facilitated discussion on Social Connectivity in Manchester led by Phil Griffin. Limited to a discussion of 2-3 maximum, possible panelists (and also hopefully tour participants):  

Dave Carter - Manchester Digital Development Agency
Dave Rudlin – Urbed
Alnoor Mitha – Shisha
Ruth Ibegbuna - RECLAIM

15.00 - 16.00 Walk and Talk - Now accompany Phil Griffin on a 1-hour walking tour from CUBE, through China Town, the Northern Quarter and Ancoats Urban Village, before returning through the city to Castlefield Urban Heritage Park. The tour will include narratives behind the reinvention of each of the neighbourhoods we pass through - both directly from city guide Phil, but also indirectly via one-2-one discussions en route with other invited guests.

16.00 - 16.30 Riverside Mews - Conclude walking tour with Phil Griffin at his independent Popup Gallery 2 at Riverside Mews, 4 Commercial Street to briefly view his curated local artist exhibition of Neil Dimelow's Mahler in Manchester artworks (cityscapes inspired by the 2010 Manchester performances commemorating the 150th Anniversary of composer Gustav Mahler's birth); and Jackie Mitchell's Figurative drawings and paintings, before being picked up by coach.

16.30 - 18.00 Urbed City Tour of Hulme - Coach trip led by
Dave Rudlin of Urbed Co-op to see some of the key Hulme City Challenge projects - including a visit to meet Volunteers and Workshops Coordinator Helene Rudlin and others at the Hulme Community Garden; as well as potentially the Arcspace eco-build.

18.00 - 19.00 Pre-Dinner Drink - Drop off by  at Varsity  on the edge of Rusholme, and overlooking Whitworth Park and Art Gallery (see Google Map Street View below).

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19.00 - 21.30 Dinner - Short stroll from Varsity along Rusholme's Curry Mile on Wilmslow Road, before having dinner at the Sanam Sweet House & Restaurant (the first-ever restaurant on Rusholme's Curry Mile 40 years ago, and still one of the very best). The Curry Mile now boasts the largest concentration of Asian restaurants in the UK.

Dinner Guests   - Dr Robert Grimm and/or Dr Katie Milestone.

22.00 Arrive Back – Hotel

22.30 Nightcap (Option for the Brave or Foolhardy) - Last Orders at Mancunian institutions
Dukes 92 (just around the corner from the Hotel), the Britons Protection Hotel and/or Peveril of the Peak (short strolls each) - or for those with a head for heights and stomach more for posh cocktails at altitude, the Hilton's Cloud 23 bar (shorter stroll with an express lift-ride).

23.59 Prayers before Bedtime - God is a Manc

God is a Manc by street poet and performer Mike Garry on YouTube.