This blog set out the final published itinerary for the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) study tour to northern England in October 2010. The UK programme was organised by Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with Atoll for Fonds BKVB. Check out the 5-day itinerary by clicking on the page links above.

Day 4 Liverpool

Tuesday 12th October

Theme: Can Art Touch a City?

Contrary to Liverpools' reputation as a city of music - largely based on the Beatles period - it has been largely visual art that has reshaped the image of the city's image post 1980s. The establishment of Tate Liverpool as part of the regeneration of the Albert Dock in 1987 serves as a milestone for visitor led economy that continues today. One central question in this development is to connect the investment in tourism to the wider cultural but also social and economic ecology of the city.

The sixth edition of Liverpool Biennial’s International Exhibition is Touched - which presents artworks that affect the viewer through addressing a total context (mind, body and place: relatedness in space and time); artworks whose investment and inscription in the particular and the personal affects the general and the social.

Touched consists of around 40 new projects by leading and emerging international artists. Principally new commissions as well as several key works previously unseen in the UK , Touched will be presented across multiple venues: Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology), A Foundation and Open Eye Gallery, with half the exhibition sited in public spaces across the city.

City Guides: Laurie Peake / Paul Domela

09.15 Meet - Assemble in Manchester Hotel lobby after breakfast for check-out and briefing (with suitcases for transfer).

09.30 - Dream - Coach trip led by Laurie Peake to St Helens to view Dream by Jaume Plensa. Meet with Gary Conley, an ex miner and one of the original Channel 4 Big Art Project nominators for an escorted walk with them to see Dream.Big Art Project was part of the overall Icons of the North regional marketing and cultural investment programme. 

Presentation enroute: Introduction to Icons of the North

Dream won a Special Award for Community Involvement in the 2010 Civic Trust Awards; and most recently (see above) on 1st October 2010 won the 'Best Open Space' award from the Merseyside Civic Society.

11.00 Depart Dream - Short coach trip from St Helens into Liverpool.

11.30 Metal - Visit to Metal for a facilitated discussion, along with local invited guests, led by Director Ian Brownbill, followed by lunch.

Stop includes opportunity to view Dream Machine exhibition which opened on the 180th Anniversary of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Located inside the buildings of the oldest existing passenger railway station still in use, the exhibition celebrates the first journey takern between the two cities through a series of large-scale works which reflect on time, routine, repitition, direction and discipline: qualities that all inform the artistic process. Featuring artists: Nicola Dale and composer Ailis Ni Riain, Phil Lockhart, Tom Palin, and Richard Proffitt.

A reflection of the beat and rhythm of train traffic and influenced by the idea that the rail industry’s timetabling created a need for a uniform measure of time throughout the UK, the work will show how the journey itself can be a source for artistic inspiration. Dream Machine is part of the Liverpool Biennial Independents strand.

13.00 Cairns Street - Short coach trip to the Granby Renewal Area to view the Blooming Cairns Street. Meet there with local residents and short walking tour around the Granby Renewal Area.

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14.00 Short City Tour - Re-join coach and travel to hotel at Albert Dock via a short city tour. Introduction en-route to the afternoon session exploring Liverpool Biennial by Paul Domela.

14.30 Hotel - Check-in to Premier Inn Hotel.

15.00 - 18.00 Liverpool Biennial - Starting out from the Hotel, the afternoon will involve individual tours of Liverpool Biennial and the city using the downloadable Liverpool Art Map.  Envisaged as either self-guided or (if desired and requested), in small groups accompanied by selected local hosts.

19.00 - 20.30 Dinner - John Moores Art & Design Academy

Dinner Guest - Dr Julia Hallam: University of Liverpool - Mapping the City in Film

20.30 - 21.30 Geohistorical Analysis - After dinner presentation by Dr Julia Hallam of the interactive digital map of Liverpool on Film, This City in Film: Liverpool's Urban Landscape and the Moving Image (2006-2008), and explores the relationship between film, memory and the urban landscape unique project builds on work developed as part of the AHRC-funded project

Followed by an open question and debate led by Neeltje at Westenend.